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It was 2011, and I had just opened my new office in Boca Raton, FL and a recent patient of mine walked in with a big set of floor plans. Keep in mind; I had tried for three years before cracking the code of getting “on-site” at some local corporations without much success.

However, today was my lucky day. The floor plans she possessed were of the elaborate Main Street inside of the new ADT Security Headquarters a mile down the road from my office. As she opened the floor plans of Main Street, it was apparent they were going big with their corporate wellness.

Picture this cobblestone street lined with different types of stores, services, amenities and palm trees inside of a very large office building. On Main Street was going to be a Starbucks, Fitness Center, Salon, Tech Shop, Primary Care Physician, Massage Therapy and a Chiropractic office. "Sign me up!" I excitedly announced.

Fast forward to today, and we have learned a lot about corporate wellness and how the Chiropractor can integrate themselves into this ever-expanding health and wellness field for the corporations and the desk worker.

We have expanded our reach into multiple corporations in South Florida and have also developed a digital platform Office Ergonomics Initiative that has been implemented in three large corporations since its inception.

I want to challenge us as a profession to look outside the box when it pertains to Chiropractic’s role in the corporate wellness movement, or we will get left behind. Traditionally the Chiropractor has participated in health fairs, spinal screenings, and lunch and learned at corporations.

Those are fabulous outreach options, but it always ended there. However, as the research starts to reveal our effectiveness and affordability (Optum Health Study “Conservative Spine Care: The State of the Marketplace and Opportunities for Improvement”), we need to integrate ourselves more into the corporate setting.

There is a considerable trend towards on-site health services for large corporations, and Chiropractic sees an increasing role in this movement.

We have developed on-site Chiropractic clinics at ADT, Tyco, Royal Caribbean, UPM, and The Fiur Organization in South Florida with plans for expansion shortly. On-site chiropractic can be implemented in many different scenarios, based on the companies needs and set-up.
Office Ergonomics Initiative
The Office Ergonomics Initiative is a digital platform education system for your desk workers across multiple or a single location.

The goal is to provide materials, best practices and on-going education to your company and team members for awareness and education to prevent the common ailments of the office workstations. 

"By World Fuel Services providing the Online Office Ergonomics Initiative to employees we not only provide a comprehensive tool to help teach our employees to address the causes of musculoskeletal pain that can occur from their daily tasks, but we are able to provide an economically sound, reasonable accommodation to any special requests that would otherwise be very costly to us as the employer.

For example, when an employee comes to us with a note from a medical practitioner requesting that we purchase special office equipment to assist with the treatment of a certain musculoskeletal pain, we can simply refer the employee to the ergonomics learning center. This way, we address the employee’s request and provide a solution to the employee that would benefit them and address their musculoskeletal pain."

- Georgette Kores: World Fuel Services Corporate Wellness Director
Positioning Yourself in the Community
Becoming the expert in your community for health and wellness for the Desk Jockey is a vital aspect of our strategy.

We assist you in developing your marketing expertise, strategy and content to attract and retain more patients to your private practice.

The majority of our Chiropractic patients sit at a desk, but how can you cut through the clutter and truly be the expert to the office worker?
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What is Inside the Corporate Chiro Academy?
Systems & Procedures
Tools, forms and processes to get you on-site, optimize on-site, and market yourself effectively in your community.
Marketing Strategies & Custom Content
Business-to-business marketing strategies to attract corporations for opportunities that include on-site care, health fairs, posture screenings, etc.
Research & Development
The latest in research on chiropractic, corporate wellness, and corporate chiropractic. Dr. Jeff Langmaid of The Evidence Based Chiropractor has supplied us with a kit of some of the latest Chiropractic Research.
Legal & Analytics
Sample contracts, agreements, analytics tracking, insurances to maintain, etc. We utilize Wellness CMS platform via XTomic.
Presentations & Webinars
All of our presentations for desk workers that we use for presenting to corporations for our services. The presentations are thorough and more are added each month.
Exercise Programming for Desk Jockeys
Videos, pictures, and programs for The Desk Jockey
Expert Panel
Speak to eight hand-selected experts in corporate wellness, ergonomics, marketing, and on-site chiropractic.
Healthy Desk Jockey Downloads & Content
Re-Branded Healthy Info Cards, Consumer Awareness Guide, Newsletter and The Desk Jockey’s Manifesto Book. There is a plethora of marketing content and more will be continually added.
The Mastermind
Monthly Mastermind calls hosted by Kevin Christie to discuss everything marketing and business development.
Value-added Resource Center for Your Patients
Provide your desk jockey patients with a free access code to have unlimited access to the embedded learning center.

Lead Generation
If a non-patient accesses your website and wants to access the learning center, they can simply give you their name and email and a 10-day access code will be sent to them. You now have their info!

License/Sell to Companies and Utilize as Support System for Your On-Site Program
Monetize The Healthy Desk Jockey with licensing rights we provide you. You can sell or utilize this as part of a comprehensive Office Ergonomics Initiative.
The Group Mastermind
Dr. Kevin Christie is a Chiropractic Physician and Certified Ergonomic Assessments Specialist (CEAS II) who dedicates himself to treating his patients’ symptoms and physical dysfunctions, whether it’s a professional athlete, a weekend golfer, or an office worker.

Dr. Christie received his B.S. degree from the Florida State University in Exercise Physiology and was an assistant strength & conditioning coach for FSU athletics. His education and desire for learning continued at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters In Human Biology degrees.

Dr. Christie is currently the CEO of Health-Fit Corporate Wellness which provides On-Site Chiropractic and Ergonomics for corporations such as Royal Caribbean, ADT Security, Tyco Integrated Systems, World Fuel Services, Strategic Coach, Frito-Lay, and others.

In mid-2016 he launched The Modern Desk Jockey Podcast, which provides healthy solutions for the desk worker. He has been able to interview some of the leaders in the world on all topics related to corporate health and wellness. Dr. Christie has been the Chiropractic/Sports Medicine Physician for multiple football academies in South Florida. He is currently the Sports Chiropractor for XPE Combine Prep Program in Boca Raton, FL. This role includes treating the college football players during the NFL Combine Prep Program and the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He also has worked on over 500 NFL, MLB and NHL players for these strength & conditioning companies during their off-season Pro NFL/MLB programs.
Strategic Coach
A total support system for entrepreneurs dedicated to never-ending growth and quality of life. Dr. Kevin Christie has been a Strategic Coach member for 5 years now and will utilize his training to assist you in your business development.
Slack is where you access the messages, the files, the decisions, the key moments of our community of corporate Chiropractors, Kevin Christie, and the Mastermind group.
Consistent communication with Kevin Christie via Voxer Voice/Text Messenger. When Slack typing won’t cut it, Voxer is your next step.
Zoom Masterminds
Monthly Mastermind calls hosted by Kevin Christie to discuss everything marketing and business development.
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"Dr. Kevin delivers on his message! He is living proof of how you can successfully grow your practice and make an impact in your community by working with corporations. The seated desk worker needs you more than ever before. Dr. Kevin will show you how to become the Corporate Chiropractor!"
  Krista Burns D.C., PhD, CPE, CPEP
"The Evidence Based Chiropractor has provided the Corporate Chiropractor with some of the latest and most compelling research to support the efficacy of chiropractic treatment for musculoskeletal conditions."
  Dr. Jeff Langmaid
"I first met Dr. Kevin Christie at a business mastermind event a while back and upon getting to know him it was very apparent that he is an awesome chiropractor, marketer and entrepreneur. I've been impressed with his consistency in providing ongoing value to the profession through his podcast, his Modern Chiropractic Marketing FB group and now with the release of this latest program. You won't find a more genuine guy, ready and willing to help other docs than Dr. Christie. What I also love about him is that unlike so many of the self-proclaimed experts out there is that Dr. Christie is never afraid to roll up his sleeves and take risks himself. He's right there in the trenches alongside his fellow chiropractors, which means that what he's teaching is 0% theory and 100% proven, practical, actionable content! You can't go wrong with Dr. Christie, he's as good as they come!"
  Dr. Chad Woolner
"Health-Fit Corporate Wellness has provided on-site chiropractic & sports medicine for two of our corporate locations. Their treatment methods, ergonomic assessments and educational talks have been extremely beneficial."
  Risa Harwood, Tyco/ADT
Our Corporate Clients
Royal Caribbean
World Fuel Services
Frito Lay
City Furniture
Campus Management
Strategic Coach
Our Podcasts

The Modern Desk Jockey

The Modern Desk Jockey, providing you with healthy solutions for the desk worker. Our conversations with industry professionals and topic based discussions are guaranteed to keep you active for a healthy, more effective work week.
The Modern Desk Jockey

The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show

The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show is designed to provide the chiropractor with modern and ethical marketing strategies, without the huge price tag of most resources in the industry. This show will be a mix of topic-based podcasts and some interviews with some of the industry leaders in chiropractic, marketing, and business strategy.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there any contract?
No, It is month to month.
Do I need to have an on-site clinic?
No, a main goal of this program is to position yourself as the expert in health and wellness for the desk worker in your community. Secondly, we will assist you in obtaining an on-site clinic or more on-site clinics.
Is there technical and customer support?
Yes, we will be here for you to offer support for installation of The Healthy Desk Jockey Learning Center and questions about the Corporate Academy.
How much marketing training/education involved?
There is extensive training for marketing principles and content you can use to curate and repurpose. There is also a Mastermind component and a Slack Messaging Group component to have a think tank atmosphere. Also, Dr. Kevin Christie is the developer of The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast and FB Group where he keeps up to date on the latest marketing strategies and best practices.
Will this increase referrals to my main practice too?
Yes, that is a huge aspect of this program. You will implement content marketing and direct response marketing strategies to increase new patients and re-activations of desk jockeys.
Should I have an ergonomics certification?
If you want to make ergonomics assessment part of your offerings, we recommend having an ergonomics assessment. We don’t provide a certification, but we can steer you in the right direction. From there, we provide any ergonomics assessment tool you will need.
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